….but not nearly so much about John Cusack’s performance in “2012” So what does it say about PED Hysteria 2010 that a nearly lucid/rational take on Big Mac’s recent admissions was proffered by none other than self-styled End Times expert Darren Daulton? From Bugs & Cranks’ Landon Evanson :

What were your impressions of the Mark McGwire steroids confession?

I always thought the whole thing was pretty comical. I think it gives a real good pulse of the American people and what we perceive as this big military, industrial, world-wide, number-one country that presented itself in a manner that turned on one of their own and just really collapsed like a house of cards. I mean, if I was a foreign country and wanted to take over this country, I™d get a prescription for steroids and stand at the border and wave them, and then watch the American people fold.

I thought it was pretty comical, it seemed like there were 250 million victims out there, so that was the comical part. I think it was all just useless, but it did give us a pretty good read on what our society is like.

Do you have any comments on rumors that former teammates Dykstra and Dave Hollins used them?

No. Heck, no, I could care less, there are a lot more important things in the world, and again, this is useless information. What does it do? What has all of this done? Finding out whether or not a guy does steroids or not, I could never understand this. There are a lot of things that a lot of people do behind closed doors that they probably don™t want the public to know about. Whether you™re cheating on your wife, your husband, or you™re doing drugs, you don™t want your boss to know about something, you™re hiding something from somebody, or you™re watching porn and you™re masturbating. Whatever it is, everybody™s got one of these or they wouldn™t be here, but it seems like everybody gets to cast the first stone when somebody else is caught doing something, or allegedly caught. It makes them feel better, and again, this is kind of the pulse of the American ego, as long as we can point our finger at somebody, we™re okay, we feel better about ourselves.

I think it™s useless information. Out of all this, who cares? What™s it going to matter? It really doesn™t. You know what you™re going to find out, is that they™re just like you are.