You might’ve blinked the other day when it was announced that Dave Cowens was joining Flip Saunders’ staff in Detroit. This particularly newsy morsel did not escape the attention of Basketbawful :

The WNBA world was rocked to its very foundations yesterday when Dave Cowens resigned as the coach and general manager of the Chicago Sky. And I can promise you one thing: almost 50 percent of that last sentence was 100 percent sarcasm-free.

It wasn’t a good season for the Sky. The team went 5 – 29, which was easily the worst record in the WNBA. And as the losses piled up, Cowens bemoaned the team’s lack of talent, player injuries, and life in general.

It’s pretty obvious that Cowens expected his players to basically go out and coach themselves…just like NBA players. But instead of Stephon Marbury glaring at him for suggesting a pass, he had Coretta Brown looking to the sidelines for instructions that Cowens couldn’t give her. Although you have to wonder whether that “freelancing and improvisation” theory really works for men, since Cowens has a lifetime NBA coaching record of 161 – 191.

Nets PR guru and PA announcer Gerry Sussman has a blog at, and suffice to say, it is a more substantial read than Flea’s Haiku.

The Manhattan Project. The Blues Project. The Ilic Project. Any connection¦let™s see¦.atom bomb¦.selling millions of albums¦.hitting a 10-foot jump shot¦so the answer is not really. But for our purposes, the symmetry is in the word¦project¦because that is the status of the newest big man¦Flock, be still. The 7-1 Mile Ilic, of Bosnian origin, should not be confused with his Serbian counterpart, one rapidly-developing Nenad Krstic. Yes, they both list Serbia on the team roster. And both are over seven feet. And the King™s English is a challenge for the young men, even though Nenad has worked very hard at learning to verbalize and is getting more comfortable in front of the media. But just like fans thought that Keith was a Mormon like Shawn Bradley (negative), Ilic is not Krstic.