(Great Gazoo image culled from FanIQ Blog)

Jeff Francoeur is already on record as saying the Rawlings S100 batting helmet is too goofy-looking to wear (please note this doesn’t stop the Mets right-fielder from going out in public without a ski mask), but he’s not the one who recently had his brains scrambled by a Matt Cain fastball.  Returning from the disabled list for last night’s 8-3 loss in Colorado, Wright tells the Star-Ledger’s Brian Costa, “maybe I have an odd-shaped head.”

Wright was widely mocked for his new batting helmet, which has a bulkier and more protective design than the helmet most players wear. The helmet may have made Wright safer, but it also made him look like he was playing with a small planet on his head.

Wright said the helmet needed some improvement, but that he would continue to wear it.

“I think there just needs to be some adjustments,” he said. “Obviously, I don’t really care what I look like. If it provides a little more safety, then I’m all for that. There’s just times when it can fit a little better.”

If you’re wondering how a handsome, wildly popular celebrity like Wright was talked into doing something this embarrassing in public, please remember the Mets third-baseman is nothing if not highly impressionable.