(l-r : Andrews, Winfrey.  Not shown :  James Frey, Neil Best)

“Working Will Help Heal Nude-Tape Wounds” reads the Entertainment Weekly headline, as ESPN sideline reporter Erin Andrews is scheduled to appear on the September 11 broadcast of “The Oprah Winfrey Show” to discuss her most recent, widely-reported peephole ordeal. USA Today’s resident victim-blamer Tom Weir is already on record as suggesting the segment “isn’t exactly a low-profile way of moving on”, but his cynical take is slightly less wacked-out than this fella’s.

Why shouldn’t Andrews discuss the incident in front of the widest possible (female) audience? How is Andrews’ (prior) decision to consent to a GQ photo shoot in any way at odds with her refusal to shrug off an invasion of privacy? Really, it’s not nearly enough to condone peephole photography (“don™t get me wrong, women being taken advantage of like Erin obviously was is an awful thing”, are you sure, dude?) — how about somebody, anybody, acknowledges that Andrews has every right to make up her own mind when or if she’s going to be objectified?

I know, some of you guys have had it up to here with pretty faces who owe their gigs to sex appeal / internet sex cults.  But enough about Kevin Burkhardt, Erin Andrews is in no way obliged to keep a low profile.