For a guy who writes for a Long Island based newspaper, Newsday’s Ken Davidoff is awfully smug about the Flyover Best-of-Seven.

Greetings from the Lamest World Series Ever. We kicked off the baseball postseason 18 days ago with dreams of a Subway Series. Instead, we’re getting an Awfully Difficult to Fly Directly From One City to the Other Series.

It’s like the “What’s Happening” episode when people attended a benefit expecting to see Sammy Davis Jr. and had to settle for Rerun.

Even Major League Baseball officials struggled to feign enthusiasm for Tigers-Cardinals, which, weather permitting, kicks off Saturday night at Comerica Park. Can you blame them? We’re talking record-low television ratings. A big-time mismatch. Two of the least media-friendly organizations in all of baseball, which matters to you because it’ll be more difficult to get to know these guys.

On the other side, the people involved don’t want to hear such chatter, and who can blame them?

“Everything revolves around the New York media, I guess, huh?” Cardinals Game 2 starter Jeff Weaver said Friday. “It’s Cardinals-Detroit, as far as I’m concerned. I don’t really care what New York team is in.”

“I know you guys wanted both New York teams. I’m sure the Fox guys wanted New York, too,” Tigers closer Todd Jones said. “We can’t really help that. If they wanted the Mets and the Yankees, maybe they should’ve spotted them a few runs, or a few games. But we won our series fair and square, and the Cardinals won their series fair and square.

“If people understand baseball, and people don’t get caught up in the fact there’s not Hall of Famers at every single position, and recognize good baseball, I think you’re going to see a good series.”

Though I think the Tigers have a sure-thing Hall of Famer behind the plate, I do take Jones’ point to heart. MLB should’ve spotted the Mets a few runs, or at the very least reassigned Jeff Kellogg to the Arizona Fall League.