Cardinals 7, Detroit 2 (Cardinals lead the series, 1-0)

If you’d told me a few days ago that someone named Reyes was gonna roll into Motown and thoroughly humble the Tigers, Anthony is not the guy I’d have picked. Said hurler, winner of all of 5 games in the regular season, held the AL Champs to 2 runs and 4 hits over 8 innings, and retired the side in order in 6 of those frames. At one point, Reyes sent down 17 Tigers in a row — not even the microphone-wielder Roy Horn at his most sadistic could imagine such a thing.

St. Louis’ 3-4-5 of Pujols, Edmonds and Bad Wing Rolen were a combined 5 for 11, with 5 runs scored and 4 knocked in. Prince Albert was overdue, but this sort of production from the injured Rolen has to be considered a surprise.

There’s a chain-smoking manager who might want to have a word with Justin Verlander and Brandon Inge about throwing the ball all over the park. Cory Lidle’s ghost thinks St. Louis were better prepared for this one.

Kenny Rogers vs. Wevie Stonder I tommorrow night looks like a crazy mismatch, but some of us thought the same of the latter’s last outing versus Tom Glavine. Weaver might have all sorts of extra motivation heading into battle against his old club. And then again, he might be totally baked. Either way, it’ll make for compelling TV if you turn the sound all the way down and fast forward through any portion of the event that has Eric Brynes’ face on screen.

Note to PETA : Zelasko’s wearing fur! And I think K-Square is wearing a leather thong (off-camera, ‘tho).

Ken Rosenthal, the original inspiration for the Fox Bots, reported tonight that MLB and the Players Association are on the brink of signing a new, 5-year labor agreement. Hopefully said pact will include many more advertisements during baseball games that make vague allusions to “something else steroids do to a guy’s body.”