The first two highest paid, of course, being the recently DFA’d Jose Guillen and worked-to-death Gil Meche. Whether the Royals P Zack Greinke is angling for a trade or he’s simply venting (or as we like to call it in the rest of society, “telling the truth”) is a matter of opinion. But it’s a bit sobering to consider Greinke is 5 years removed from a 5-17 campaign, and has 4 seasons’ distance from seeking counseling rather than deal with Buddy Bell’s flatuence negativity. As such, it’s a real drag for long-suffering Royals fans to hear Greinke respond to a writer’s comments about K.C.’s looming prospects, “œEvery system has something…the biggest problem is I have two more years on my contract. Are those guys supposed to make it up by the beginning of next year? From the Kansas City Star’s Bob Dutton :

œVery rarely, Greinke argued, œdo guys come straight into the big leagues and make an impact, especially hitters. Just look at the top prospects in baseball. Delmon Young was one five years ago, and he™s finally starting to play well.

œAlex Gordon was one four years ago, and he might be starting to play well now. So the problem (with the Royals™ prospects) is that it™s not like as soon as they get here that it™s going to be instant (success). Maybe by 2014.

Greinke lets that harsh assessment hang in the air for a moment before continuing.

œThere™s no reason for me to get real excited about it, he said, œbecause the chance of more than one of them making a major impact by the time my contract is up is pretty slim.