Leave your fears behind! MLB.com’s Dick Kaegel charts the baseball IQ of the young Royals hurler with an outside shot at losing 20.

Zack Greinke has been through a grind this season. The Royals right-hander has a 4-16 record, a 6.06 ERA and batters have hit .312 against him.

I was about 20 times smarter before this season started than I am now,” Greinke said.

So how did he get dumber?

“Probably (from) listening to about a million different ways on how to get people out. So now I know everything that’s possible to get people out, so maybe I am smarter,” he said. “But before I didn’t even know anything so it was easier, I guess, because you didn’t even have to think about it.”

That’s a little Zackese for you. In a couple of sentences, he goes from dumber to smarter, probably an indication of a mind swarming around the confusing nature of his second season.