The solution to the Nationals’ pitching woes is pretty obvious : Just send Livian Hernandez out on 1 day of rest. From the Washington Post’s Barry Svrluga :

Washington Nationals right-hander Tony Armas Jr. sounded mystified yesterday. Thursday night in Atlanta, he gave up seven runs in the first three innings of an 8-7 loss to the Braves. He has now given up 11 runs in his last seven innings. Asked if he thought Armas would ever throw another effective start for the Nationals, Manager Frank Robinson tried his best to be light-hearted.

“Yeah,” Robinson said. “But I don’t know how old I’ll be.”

Because of a shoulder injury to Ryan Drese, trades of Zach Day and Tomo Ohka, and the loss of both Claudio Vargas and Sun Woo Kim on waivers, the Nationals’ rotation is tissue-thin.

Armas (above) is scheduled to start Tuesday against Florida. Though it’s possible a minor leaguer could be called up in his place, Robinson didn’t sound as if there was any other alternative.

“Who’s it going to be?” Robinson said. “We don’t have other starters here.”