(with the Red Sox trailing 2-0 at Fenway this afternoon, Teddy could use a cold one right about now)

NME is reporting that the Dead Kennedys, presumably sans Colorado native Jello Biafra, have pulled out of an LA based punk revival show, objecting to the bill being sponsored by Coors. (link courtesy D. Sheid).

“Dead Kennedys have always been wary of corporate sponsorship and steer clear of lending our name to promote a product. Because we were not alerted to the ultra conservative, right-wing sponsor for this event, we could not see a reason to go ahead and perform at this show in good conscience.”

Biafra had previously claimed that his former bandmates’ lawsuit over unpaid royalties was provoked by a disagreement over whether or not to license “Holiday In Cambodia” for a Levi’s advertisement. So perhaps Coors can be excused for not knowing about this long-standing wariness over corporate sponsorship.