Drew Brees’ Hail Mary to Terrance Copper the other day against the Falcons was already cited in this space as one of those “how the fuck did that happen?” moments. Thanks to the Atlanta Journal Constitution’s D. Orlando Ledbetter, we now have an explanation.

Cornerback DeAngelo Hall said he went for an interception on the Hail Mary pass that gave the Saints a 21-6 halftime lead. New Orleans’ Terrance Copper came down with the ball between Hall, Derrick Johnson and Lawyer Milloy.

“I was trying to make a play,” Hall said. “I was kind of being lazy. I probably should have been a couple yards deeper in the end zone instead of trying to fade back.

“Then just being greedy in my mind, wanting to pick it. Then knowing that I can’t pick it and then trying to tip it down. Halfway up in the air, my arms are still at my chest. … The ball goes a little bit to the left.”

The Washington Post’s Howard Bryant writes the Redskins might be holding kicker tryouts today. Surely I’m not alone in thinking this could be Tony Meola’s big break?

Since I’m really having a hard time finding anything positive to say about Eli Manning of late, how’s this? If his 4th quarter decision making was nearly as savvy as his reluctance to take the bait when invited to bury Plaxico Fantastico, the Giants wouldn’t be staring up at the Cowboys in the NFC East standings.