FYI: For the past few years, a photo of me frequently has appeared on the Internet — cut, paste, perpetuate. The Internet’s great, that way: It can run forever with whatever anyone chooses. One small problem with that widely distributed photo: It ain’t me. Oh, well. – Phil Mushnick, “Equal Time”, NY Post, 12/1/2013

“Cut, paste, perpetuate.” Does Phil have my number or what? In all seriousness, even though most of the photos of Phil that I’ve used over the years were knowingly taken from a rather disreputable Internet source (ie. the New York Post website), it never occurred to me they might not actually be Phil.

In the interests of actually chasing down a story like a real journalist, I’m proud to say that I’ve finally uncovered a genuine photograph of the real Phil Mushnick. I don’t know if he can forgive my past transgressions, but I do pledge that going forward, I’ll only use this picture :