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The region’s 117th most influential record label presents a FREE holiday show featuring some out of town ringers, the DJ stylings of Johnny Vomitnoise and many of your friends doing the awkward Austin-people-in-winter-clothes thing. Full details after the jump :

Ghetto Ghouls are putting the finishing touches on their Monofonus Press full-length, but they’ve agreed to a 12XU 7″ sometime early next year. No pre-order info because we’re not gonna commercialize xxxmas in this space.

The Gospel Truth are getting ready to make another record and do another tour in 2014. They deserve tremendous credit for being the only band on this bill that didn’t ask for font approval on the flyer.

Sweet Talk recently celebrated the release of a great 12″ EP by going into a mysterious, self-imposed sabbatical. Kind of like that dude from The La’s, though perhaps with less mental illness. This will be their first show in way too long.

Flesh Lights
have a new Twistworthy 7″ in the offing, they’re getting ready for LP #2 and this is your big chance to congratulate them on recently headlining over the Impossibles. WARNING : you might have to wait in line.

This marks Buck Biloxi & The Fucks’ 3rd visit to Austin in 2013, a year that saw them steal the show at a succession of major events (Goner Fest, Slabtown Bender, Hozac Blackout, the Gathering, etc.) and intimidate the competition with a series of 7″‘s for the Orgone Toilet, Total Punk, Pelican Pow Wow and Holotrash imprints (plus an allegedly in-the-mail Red Lounge LP). These New Orleanians are the best band on this bill and if you don’t believe me, just ask them.

Though this show is free, we’ll be taking canned food donations for the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas. Please don’t bring any cans you’ve already opened — that’s just stupid.