The Russia Times reports Sergey Troitskiy (above), vocalist for Korroziya Metalla, is running for Mayor of Moscow suburb Khimki. With any luck, he’ll earn the coveted endorsement of Nikita Koloff.

Troitskiy announced his decison in a series of videos posted on YouTube. His monologues were completely absurd, and included proposals to only recruit Germans as civil servants, to turn the entire town into one big casino and to set up “gigantic oxygen-generating machines” to help Moscow cope with the summer heat.

Russian bloggers and the viewing public took Spider’s long and rambling speeches as yet another Internet joke, but the man then unexpectedly announced that he had collected the necessary number of signatures for a slot of the Khimki mayoral elections, and had submitted them to town’s elections commission for review.

The rocker said that he planned to transform his informal ‘Heavy Metal Rock Corporation,’ or KTR, into a political party that would use the KTR acronym but be named ‘The Corporation of Working People of Russia.’ Spider claimed that if he won the mayoral elections, he would hold the KTR’s founding convention in Khimki.

The fight for the Khimki mayoral post promises to be a tough one. The race already features some 20 registered candidates, including heavyweights like Oleg Mitvol, the former deputy head of the state environmental agency, and Yevgeniya Chirikova, an environmental activist and figurehead in recent street protests.