From the Kansas City Star’s Jeffrey Flanagan.

Longtime Chiefs fan Hayden Abbott wants you to know he™s not a prude and he™s not interested in taking the fun out of Arrowhead Stadium.

But Abbott thinks it™s time Chiefs fans end their tradition of ad-libbing œChiefs to œhome of the brave during the national anthem. Abbott wants to start a campaign to stop the ad-lib, and he even called the Chiefs about it, though there wouldn™t seem to be a lot the Chiefs can do to prevent 78,000 people from singing whatever they want.

œI just think it™s disrespectful to change the word to ˜Chiefs,™‚ said Abbott, 70, an Air Force veteran.

œAnd I love the Chiefs. I™ve had season tickets ever since the Chiefs came here, and I have a great time out there. I tailgate and have a few ˜pops™ just like everyone else. But I think that™s one tradition that we need to change.

Abbott, who incidentally played on the great Kansas State basketball teams in the late 1950s, can™t exactly remember when the tradition of altering the anthem started.

But it is believed to have happened in 1993 when Joe Montana™s good friend, Huey Lewis (above), sang the national anthem before a Chiefs home game and belted out œhome of the CHIEFS! instead of œhome of the brave.

œWe live in a great country, and we need to respect what people have done to make it great, Abbott said. œThey were brave people, and we dishonor them by changing the words. I™m sure people will think I™m just some crazy guy complaining, but I know a lot of people who feel the same way I do and just don™t want to say anything.