As always, how could I survive a week without the majesty of

“The ALLEGED statement of me leaving ESP is not an accurate statement ‘from me.’ It was a previous ‘draft’ attempting to inform Dave Mustaine and MEGADETH fans, and ESP fans, without leading anyone on to think something bad happened between us. It was strictly business.

“Sadly, again, someone posted this misinformation elsewhere, which due to a mistake of the wrong information being posted here (which happens, . . . very rarely, but it happens) before we were able to remove it and put the authorized statement out, has led to a lot of speculation and I think it is hella kewl with the interest.

“Let me assure you, the statement will be like ‘ . . . ESP were great, the guitars were great, I wish them well, I hope we remain friends . . .’ Also, as of this second, there is NO SUCH THING AS A CONCERT FOR NAMM THIS YEAR. That part was just goofing around. I am not even signed to a new guitar endorsement deal yet, so people calling up ESP or Jackson or anyone and telling them they know were I am going is hilarious for me.

“All kidding aside, I am stoked to be able to tell you soon, prolly next week, who I am going with. It may surprise a lot of you. It surprised me.

“January 3rd, 2007 I return to England to finish [the new MEGADETH album] ‘United Abominations’ and I was just ‘thinking,’ SO DON’T POST THIS SOMEPLACE ELSE YOUR PSYCHOS, about some of the fan club people working it out with Dave McRobb [webmaster] about dropping by for a sneak listen and a drink or a bite.

“Sorry, just excited for you to hear it and Happy Holidays to everyone! Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to my brothers and sisters, Happy Kwanzaa to my bruthas and sistas, and Happy Holidays in whatever else way there is to say it to you all. Thanks for a great year and I hope you were all just a lil’ more ‘naughty’ than ‘nice’.