If the Mets were to sack VP of Player Development Tony Bernazard, John Delcos warns firing the oft-ridiculed exec, while deserved, “will only act as a diversion and him being made a scapegoat.”  Instead, Delcos insists Fred (above) and Jeff Wilpon show their faces and address the myriad of problems plaguing the Amazins in 2009.

There are rumblings about the job security of Omar Minaya and manager Jerry Manuel. Despite the supposed vote of confidence, we know those aren™t etched in stone. Teams always say things like that before dropping the ax. If a significant number of the injured returns and the Mets make a run but fall short, injuries should give them a pass.

During this tumultuous time with the franchise, the lone voice has been Minaya™s, and that™s not good enough. Times are strained enough now where the Wilpons, preferably both, step up with their state-of-the-team address.

The ticket-buying public must be assured of what direction is the team headed. Among other things, it should include statements on whether the team is a buyer or seller at the trade deadline. Are they waiting for the injured to return? They should state firmly all aspects of the organization will be under review after the season and nobody is safe. They should state what direction they will take in the offseason to rebuild. They should state its concern on the medical staff and is there blame for the injuries or bad luck.

No aspect of the team should be spared the scrutiny, because few things are right with it.