With a 43-40 mark heading into the All-Star break, the defending NL champion Phillies have enough headaches without worrying about scurrilous rumors and innuendo. So it is with a very heavy heart that I quote from PhightinPhils’ Bill Zeltman, whose unnamed source claims “the Phillies locker room has been abuzz about an alleged affair between Jayson Werth and Chase Utley’s wife Jennifer.”  “Whether the allegations are true remains to be seen,” grants Zeltman, who went ahead and published them anyway.

It certainly would explain a lot of the performance issues the Phillies have had this season. It would answer why the bats have been quiet for much of the year. It would also answer the rumors that were circulating 4 or 5 weeks ago about Werth being a problem in the clubhouse. Imagine if players are taking sides on this issue? Ugly!

I would expect if there is any truth to this, the Phillies would deal Werth before the trade deadline and give some lame explanation as to why they did so. While I find the allegations hard to believe, many that live the baseball life do so in a way that we do not.

Indeed, those baseball people sure love to fornicate.  Not like the rest of us, of course.