That Jerod Morris of Midwest Sports Fans thinks Vince Young lacks “maturity and commitment” is not in and of itself a startling claim ; it would appear Young’s primary benefactor, Bud Adams, has reached a similar conclusion. But Morris seems to think Young’s behavior is part of a pattern ;

Just look at the long line of former Texas Longhorns who have had trouble transitioning to NFL life once separated from the protective womb and then nurturing teat of Mack Brown and the city of Austin. Ricky Williams. Roy Williams. Chris Simms. Cedric Benson. Sergio Kindle. I could go on and on. I only point this out because I think Young™s issues with maturity and accountability were exacerbated by going to a school that, in relative terms, requires neither of its football players.

And before you think this has anything to do with race, since I just named three black guys, it™s not. Ryan Leaf was like this. Jason Williams was like this. Tate Forcier is like this. And plenty others. This is far from a black/white thing and much more a coddled, spoiled athlete thing.

Vince Young has the potential to still be a very good quarterback in the NFL. Line up all of the QBs in the league right now for a wide-ranging quarterback skills challenge, and Young would be one of the most impressive participants. And even more than his skills, Young has the charisma and natural confidence to lead a football team¦but only when he proves he can lead by example first.

I’ve no interest in challenging Morris’ claim that NFL clubs should be wary of making Young a starter — but it would be a stretch to say everyone in Austin believes members of Brown’s teams walk on water. For instance, the Statesman’s John Kelso.