…not to mention ugly, stupid and possibly satanic.  “The mere sight of Peyton Manning’s patented #18 could very well start a knife fight,” warns SportsGrid’s Dan Fogarty, though he’s not referring to say, the mean streets of Foxboro, MA, but rather, “Mrs. Johnson’s third grade art class”.  Specifically, Mrs. Johnson’s third grade art class in Colorado’s Weld Country District 6, where donning the jersey of the Broncos QB is strictly forbidden. From Fox News :

“They told me I couldn’t wear 18 anymore because it’s a gang number and I had to take it off,” said Konnor Vanatta during an interview with FOX31 Denver on Tuesday.

Vanatta, a third grader in the Weld County School System, was disappointed to learn that the number 18 is considered to represent gang affiliations and is not allowed on clothing inside county classrooms.

“I’m pretty upset the schools have come down to this and I think they need to start paying attention to the education the children are getting rather than what they’re wearing,” added Pam Vanatta, the student’s mother.

A spokesperson for Weld County District 6 explained the policy has been around for more than three years and applies to the numbers 13, 14,18, 31, 41 and 81.