“if you need to take the edge off, pound a couple of beers. Last time I checked, that was still legal.”

That was Jim Rome’s typically sophisticated take on Michael Vick’s positive marijuana test.  On the same episode of “Rome Is Burning”, Fox Sports’ utterly repellent Andrew Siciliano opined, “maybe he wants to try out for the NBA.”

Other than pure vengance, what possible purpose is served by preventing the former Falcon from getting high?  He’s not an active member of any NFL and will soon be spending time in an institution where Rome’s beverage of choice won’t be on the menu.  As long as Vick is not operating heavy machinery or hosting an ESPN chat show, why should we begrudge him such a simple, victimless pleasure?

At the risk of getting all Mushnickian on your ass, that was a heck of a message for the kids who just got home from school. But if a real social conscience is too much to expect, how about full disclosure? To wit, this moron’s entire vocation is being propped up by beer advertising.  How many work hours / lives are lost per year to alcoholism compared to weed?