From the Associated Press :

A typo in court papers regarding Barry Bonds filed late Thursday by federal prosecutors touched off a brief tempest over the mistaken belief that he failed a drug test in November 2001, one month after breaking the home run record.

In fact, the government meant to reference a previously reported November 2000 failed drug test that was included in the indictment unsealed last year, U.S. attorney spokesman Josh Eaton said.

The mistake prompted a flurry of erroneous reports on television and Web sites around the country.

Not this one, though. CSTB has a firm policy of waiting until these stories are at least 6 hours old before jumping in. Unless, however, they involve an inaccurate report of a Jason Kidd trade or a claim Albert Pujols was implicated in the Mitchell Report. In those instances, we beat everyone else by several minutes (and usually manage to take down the offending item long after the cached version is already in circulation). Simply put, this blog is devoted to breaking the mainstream media’s stranglehold on typos and dopey errors