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A Hayward man was taken into custody on charges Wednesday that he clogged 911 lines with more than a million phony phone calls.

The story begins on Jan. 8, the day Hayward Police said they added T-Mobile™s 911 cellular phone calls to their service; the calls were routed to the California Highway Patrol™s communications center in Vallejo.

Officials said that immediately upon taking T-Mobile™s 911 calls, the communications center began receiving huge amounts of 911 calls from a T-Mobile cell phone.

The caller would make various noises, including grunts and other bodily noises, minimal conversation in a disguised voice, beeps from the touch pad, according to officials.

Within a week, the communications center said they received 1,327 911 calls from this cell phone, adding an increase of 30 percent to the communication center™s incoming call volume.

œ[The caller] completely overwhelmed our system — he delayed the answering of other 911 calls because we were answering his, Hayward Communications Center Manager Desi Calzada

Hayward detective Bill Alexander said he learned that the California Highway Patrol had received over 17,000 911 calls from the same T-Mobile phone number since May 2007, and that the Solano County Sheriff™s Department Communications Center had also received over 4,000 calls from the same phone number.

Alexander and Calzada said they began working in conjunction with the Federal Communications Commission, who had the necessary equipment to track the frequencies of the 911 calls, and identify the specific location of the caller.
FCC and HPD investigators said were eventually able to identify the apartment from which the 911 calls were originating.

About 9 p.m. Wednesday, officials said they made contact with the residents, who live in the 24000 block of Amador Street in Hayward.

One of the residents, 45-year-old John Triplette, apologized to investigators for making the calls. He said that he was calling œbecause it™s free, officials said.

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