In a display of wild optimism that would make someone in the MSG box office blush, Pro Basketball News’ Mark Steinberg hails Isiah Thomas’ moves and boldy predicts that the Knickerbockers “will compete for a playoff spot.”

It may still be preseason and a little early to make judgements, but Nate Robinson is the most exciting player you may ever see. Why? Cause he™s me and you. At 5-9 and 180 pounds, he™s got the speed, the hops and the badass moves to rival nearly every guard in the league. Better still, he™s averaging close to five boards a game despite being the same size as Emilio Estevez.

These three on the floor with the silky three-point shooting of Q-Rich would be enough to make any fan happy. Not Isiah. Thomas then went out and signed the human buffet, Jerome James to a five-year deal. Has James ever done anything to warrant a contract quite like that? Probably not, but the Celtics are paying the same green to Brian Scalabrine and I™m fairly sure James can out-play and out-eat him any day of the week.

With all due respect to Mark, Nate Robinson might be “you”, but I’m pretty sure he’s not me. Actually, I really doubt he’s you, either.

That someone else is willing to overpay for Brian Scalabrine really puts my mind at ease, though the bit about Jerome James being “the human buffet” really lost me. Is Steinberg suggesting that James is a meal consisting of several dishes from which guests serve themselves? Or would he have us believe the center is a room or counter in a station, hotel or other public building selling light meals or snacks?