From the Salt Lake Tribune’s Steve Luhm.

The Salt Lake Tribune has learned – barring an unexpected hitch – the Jazz will send Devin Brown, Keith McLeod and Andre Owens to the Warriors in exchange for Derek Fisher, a 10-year veteran who has been a member of three world championship teams.

The deal will be completed after Owens signs a free-agent contract with the Jazz next week – a step that is necessary to make the trade adhere to NBA salary requirements.

I cannot confirm nor deny that the Warriors have also demanded a guarantee that “Big Love” be renewed for a second season.

The News-Herald’s Bob Finnan writes that Cleveland is hoping to trade Damon Jones. If I didn’t know any better (and I’m not certain I don’t), I could see Isiah Thomas trading an all-too-valuable expiring contract for Jones and his snazzy wardrobe.

While the rest of us are more than content to laugh at the masturbatory antics of Eddie Griffin, The Big Lead digs a little deeper (link courtesy True Hoop) :

Attempting to find humor in such a gnarly situation, we wonder, what porn was Griffin watching? While you think we may not be able to get to the bottom of such a pressing question, consider this: Porn star/former California Gubernatorial candidate Mary Carey went on the Howard Stern almost a year ago and bragged about bedding NBA players. Prominently mentioned was a tall Minnesota Timberwolves player who flew her into town more than once. According to Carey, he was a high draft pick a few years ago. Griffin is all these things. Kind of makes you wonder ¦

At any rate, the best Griffin story we™ve heard is this one. The incident was largely downplayed as a œmisunderstanding, (read: Griffin probably shelled out $50,000 to make this go away) but we heard from credible sources that Griffin had basically crashed a wedding at this hotel, wound up hooking up with two women in the jacuzzi/hot tub (while the security guards watched it on the surveillance cameras), and then hours later, Griffin came back looking for his lovely ladies. Apparently, they gave him the wrong room number, because he ended up pounding on the door of the groom, and a fight ensued because a belligerent Griffin refused to leave until he could meet up with his girls from earlier in the evening. Wild stuff. Two weeks later, Griffin entered alcohol rehab.