From yesterday’s Chicago Tribune, here’s a late contender for the Worst Press Release of 2006 (link swiped from Baseball Musings)

Yankees center fielder Johnny Damon has announced formation of the Professional Baseball Video Game League, in which some of baseball’s best players will battle each other and their fans online.

Damon will serve as commissioner for the league’s inaugural season, which kicks off this week with the first competitions on the league’s chosen game, Microsoft’s Project Gotham Racing 3 for Xbox 360.

The first season’s roster also includes former Cub Corey Patterson and Rodrigo Lopez of the Orioles, Craig Hansen and Julian Tavarez of the Red Sox, Matt Holliday and Willy Taveras of the Rockies, Prince Fielder of the Brewers, Josh Barfield of the Indians, Derek Lowe of the Dodgers, Seth McClung of the Devil Rays, Mike Pelfrey of the Mets, Luke Hochevar of the Royals and Dallas McPherson of the Angels.

“The league is bringing together two of my biggest passions — baseball and video games — in a way that neither baseball fans nor video gamers have seen before,” Damon said in a statement.

Joel Zumaya and Juice Newton were unavailable for comment.