Sorry to rip off almost an entire post from Newsday’s Neil Best, but I think you have to file this under “too good to be true”. To wit, it contains the following elements of blogging gold : Kiner’s Korner, the dude-riffic Lenny Dykstra, and the all-important MILF factor. No mention of Ralph’s date with Liz Taylor, sadly.

Rich and John Philips for their responses to a post about Len Dykstra’s post-career business success.

Wrote Rich: “I seem to remember he was on Kiner’s Korner with his mother (for some reason) and it seemed Ralph was trying to hit on her. Anyone else remember something like that or is it an urban myth or macabre nightmare?”

Wrote John: “Rich, I have that edition of Kiner’s Korner on videotape and you are correct. I was at the game that day, taped it, watched it, and decided it was a keeper. Ralph was being Mr. Smooth. He ended the interview by saying something like, ‘Well, congratulations on a great game Lenny, and for having a great-looking mom.”