Or rather, have you heard it less than a dozen times?

The peripatetic Jeannie Zelasko’s prelude to NLCS Game 5 included the tale of Lance Berkman ribbing Brad Lidge by telling him that Albert Pujols’ Game 4 blast had just zoomed past Houston’s charter flight.

Moments later, Steve Lyons informed us that the pilot of said aircraft made an announcement halfway through the flight, telling passengers that the plane had narrowly avoided being hit by Pujols’ homer.

Within the next inning, the scene shifted to Kenny Albert, who repeated a funny story about Brad Lidge being the butt of a joke on the flight to St. Louis. Believe it or not, the pilot made a comment about Pujols’ longball being visible from the plane’s windows.

That none of the above 3 stooges can bother listening to each other is hardly a surprise — it’s hard enough for the rest of us. But surely Fox employs a supervisory figure in the booth who can advise them, y’know, “enough already with the Pujols ball at 35,000 feet”.

Brad Ausmus was interviewed on ESPN Radio tonight. Guess which Astros catcher wrote a funny joke for the pilot to read out loud on Tuesday’s trip to St. Louis?