(Semi-) Fascinating stuff at Citi Field earlier today, where newly introduced LF Jason Bay did everything in his power to tow the company line, much to the pleasure of GM Omar Minaya (left).  Amongst the highlights :  a) casual observer Bay figures the ’09 Mets were injury ravaged and are likely to rebound if healthy (hooray!), b) the protracted negotiations between Bay and the Mets only took a while to reach resolution because of, you know, the holidays and c) Peter Gammons fabricated the “he’d rather play in Beirut” quote (and besides, Beirut didn’t actually make a bid).

Along with scoffing at the Luis Castillo-for-Mike Lowell rumors, Metsradamus becomes the first blogger to go on record with an analogy between the alleged abuse of Texas Tech WR Adam James and the Amazins’ treatment of former RF / repeat concussion victim Ryan Church.

A dark equipment shed would have been like an all inclusive resort to Ryan Church, who is still waiting for someone to be fired after not only being put on an airplane to Denver after a concussion, but having his toughness publicly questioned.

Why didn’t this hit me sooner?

Snoop Manuel should hope that he never finds himself locked in a dark equipment shed with Church.