Described by Fanhouse’s Tom Ziller as “a hoophead and hardcore enthusiast”, FH’s managing editor Randy Kim was commissioned to compile a list of Dischord songs to go along with Washington DC-spawned NBA standouts.  It’s a pretty cool idea (especially as you could’ve just asked George Pelecanos to compare Kenny Carr to the Slickee Boys) and while I don’t particular care for seeing Dag Nasty paired with an admirable sort like Kevin Durant, Kim gets no argument from me on this one ;

Michael Beasley — Void, “Who Are You”
I wake up and I see you everyday / Never hear a thing I say / I come to you with all my problems / You don’t care, you won’t be bothered / Who are you, why am I here? (x4) … It’s pretty easy to see Beaz writing those words on the walls of Riles’ Miami office. In urine.