Red Sox fans and lovers of music alike are hoping Bronson Arroyo takes a tip from the following item in the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

“I’ve played guitar music since I was a kid,” Ben Broussard said, “but I had no idea that it would be spun the way it was last season.”

The high note, which ultimately turned into a low note, of Broussard’s guitar-playing career occurred during an August night game against the Baltimore Orioles at Jacobs Field.

Broussard ended the game with a 10th-inning home run, then rushed over to the House of Blues, where he performed.

The home-run-to-the-House-of-Blues dash was highly chronicled. Don’t look for an encore.

Baseball players who make in-season performances when they hit .325 with 40 home runs and 110 RBI are never thought to be preoccupied with outside activities. But they come under scrutiny when hitting .255 with 19 home runs and 68 RBI – which were Broussard’s final numbers.

“I don’t know if my mediocre season was caused by my involvement with music,” said Broussard, who was hitless in two at-bats in Friday’s 11-5 Grapefruit League loss to Houston, “but it probably didn’t help.”