Despite his recent warnings of the impending apocalpyse, former Phillies catcher Darren Daulton swears he’s still a fun guy. From the Philadephia Inquirer’s Todd Zolecki.

“They portrayed me as some doom-and-gloom guy,” he said about the Sports Illustrated story. “That’s quite the contrary. That’s not what I was trying to say. The end of the world and the day of reckoning? No, it’s quite the contrary. If the world is ending, I don’t know about it. The one guy from SI was talking about the Mayan calendar. I talked to him about it. The Mayan calendar is the end of this dispensation. It’s not the end of time. And what I perceive is there will be a different level of consciousness than is taking place now. It’s not bad; it’s good. And this is what I try to convey in my book, some of the experiences that I’ve had that are not of our five senses. It’s all good stuff. It’s not negative.”

Those last sentences may not make sense to many people. Asked whether there was any way to sum up what it all means – the metaphysics, the fifth dimension, etc. – so it makes more sense, so people don’t think he’s crazy, Daulton said he can’t just summarize it.

But he promised his book would clear everything up.

Does he have a message for fans who might be worried about him?

“Don’t believe everything you’ve read or heard,” he said. “I have something to share that are personal experiences. Just wait until I get this book out. It’ll explain it.”