(absolutely not Rafer Alston)

While the Yao-free Rockets won their 20th consecutive game last night, a 83-75 victory over Atlanta, at least one observer managed to find fault with a member of Rick Adelman’s squad. Imagine how this H-town rooter might feel if his team were to ever lose 20 in a row? The Dreamshake contends “a chick with a dick could’ve outplayed Rafer Alston last night”. Hey, I liked “Juwanna Mann” as much as the next movie buff, but that’s pretty harsh (and unnecessarily cruel to our transgender pals)

Seriously, 3-18? What convinced you that taking eighteen-freakin’-shots was actually a good idea, Rafer? Was it when you finally managed to hit the rim on shot #7? I mean, usually an 0-8 first half shooting display would encourage me to tone it down in the second half. But no, you chucked up ANOTHER ten shots! An impressive display of hubris!

I can’t believe you are a professional basketball player, Rafer. You should have been working in the snack bar during the 2nd half! What the hell was that shooting display last night?!?!?

Okay, okay – enough about Rafer. It’s pretty clear he sucks again and the “old” Rafer re-emerged after two months in hiding. I sorta liked the new Rafer, but last night reminded me why I still hate the mere concept of “Rafer Alston, starting point guard.”