Not to be outdone by the GBA’s Macon Bacon on the seamy side of things, the South Coast League’s Macon Music have announced the following promotion, as reported by the Telegraph’s Jay Adams  :

Luther Williams Field will play host to Eliot Spitzer Night on June 13 in honor of the disgraced New York governor who announced his resignation Wednesday after allegations surfaced about his involvement in a prostitution ring.

œIf you look at Minor League Baseball as a whole, it™s all about the wildest, wackiest promotions out there, South Coast League chief development officer J.D. Hardin said. œHopefully, people will take this with a light attitude.

The plans call for an invitation extended to Spitzer to attend the game and throw out the first pitch. Other elements for the promotion include:

– The Music will give away a trip to New York and a one-night stay at the Mayflower Hotel.

– The ninth fan “ or Client No. 9, as Spitzer was known in the prostitution ring “ into the ballpark will receive a free Music prize pack.

– Fans with the name Eliot, Spitzer or Kristen, along with any fan from New York, will receive $1 off admission. Any fan who has ever resigned a position will also receive $1 off admission.

– The Music will play Frank Sinatra songs throughout the night.

– Wire taps will be placed around the stadium.

– Fans will be able to use ATMs in the ballpark available for cash withdrawals not to exceed $5,000 per hour.

Tee hee.  Minor league baseball was once considered a fine family outing (said in outraged Phil Mushnick voice) and I don’t envy the parents who are gonna have to explain this one to their kids.

On the other hand, it could be a great way to talk about sex safe. And if you live outside of Macon and your youngsters wanna know why your local franchise isn’t celebrating “Eliot Spitzer Night”, you can always tell them, “if you’re a powerful goverment official, every night can be ‘Eliot Spitzer Night’.”