Happy, hopeful quotes galore from the BankNorth Garden in the wake of Boston’s 92-89 loss to Orlando last night, the Celtcis’ 6th defeat out of 7. From the Boston Herald’s Mark Murphy.

œYou know, I™m going to keep saying this, I know people think I™m nuts, but I like this team, he said. œBeing 1-6 is no fun. But I like this basketball team. I think they™re going to get it, but they™re not getting it now.

Judging from some of the catcalls coming out of the stands last night – and in previous home games – Rivers is right. There are people out there who think he is nuts, though at last check, Turkoglu wasn™t his man last night.

œThere™s nothing for anyone to point their finger at here, said a bristling Kendrick Perkins. œIt™s not coaching that™s the problem here, and it™s not our offense – it™s us and our commitment.

œI don™t want anyone blaming the coaches for this. We have good defensive schemes, and they put us in the right position to make plays. We just have to stick with it and see it all the way through.

Leon Powe (above, right) made his NBA debut last night, as noted by the Globe’s Bob Ryan.

It took Powe 16 seconds to put something in the box score. He picked up two foul shots on a trip to the basket, making one, and he was on his way. Before the period was over, he had practically become the Celtics’ Mr. Indispensible. Never mind that he hardly knew a play. He was throwing his 6-foot-8-inch, 245-pound body around and he was getting things done.

The period ended and he was still out there. And he remained on the floor until Rivers reinserted Ryan Gomes with 3:56 remaining in the second quarter. He exited to a raucous ovation, having constructed a line that included 9 points, 4 rebounds, 2 blocks, and 1 charge taken.

That’s a long stint for someone who was jumping on that moving train seven games into the season.

Rick Mahorn is signing autographs at Borders in Novi, MI tonight. Just my luck, I’m stuck in traffic.

The Newark Star-Ledger’s Dave D’Alessandro
, whilst answering mail, strays from the Nets beat for a moment and addresses the matter of Stevie Franchise-crippler Bruce Bowen.

I say if Bowen (or any frequent transgressor) does this again, he should be suspended for as long as it takes the other guy to recover from his injury. Make no mistake: Bowen™s a great guy, I admire his commitment to his team, and someday, when he™s done busting ankles, he™s going to be a terrific coach. But this is flat out dirty, and any replay shows you what the intent is, which makes you wonder why Stu Jackson stayed silent on this.