(Ethier, shown earlier this year, moments before doing a DX crotch-chop, picking his nose, urinating on the American flag and reciting side one of Andrew ‘Dice’ Clay’s Def American debut LP, ‘Dice’, in full view of the toddler above.  Image swiped from Sons Of Steve Garvey)

Earlier today, The Big Lead reported Dodgers OF Andre Ethier is accused of cursing at photographers and making obscene gestures in full view of children prior to Monday’s home game versus Milwaukee.  Said incident comes just a few weeks after Braves pitching coach Roger McDowell found himself suspended for making crude & threatening remarks towards Giants fans at AT&T Ballpark.

Given the headlines generated by McDowell’s uncouth behavior, it’s a little hard to imagine how Ethier — whose on-field performances prior to this point have been a small saving grace in a season of ugly stories for the Dodgers — could be this foolish. Short of banning batting practice, I’m not entirely sure how MLB can police the workforce effectively, but perhaps it is time to consider appointing someone to the position of Fan Relations Czar.  Hopefully, Rob Manfred already has Vince Coleman’s phone number.