An out of character incident from the man that introduced the “slumpbuster” to our popular lexicon.

From the Arizona Republic’s Bob McManaman :

Diamondbacks television analyst Mark Grace probably will not face disciplinary action from the team after the former first baseman uttered multiple expletives during early portions of Tuesday’s broadcast of Arizona’s game with the Florida Marlins, unaware his microphone was on at the time.

Team President Rich Dozer said it was simply a regrettable incident and blamed an apparent faulty “talk-back” button connecting the visiting TV booth to the television truck at Dolphins Stadium. Nevertheless, Dozer said there was “no excuse” for the type of language fans heard during the Fox Sports Net Arizona telecast.

“We feel terrible about it, and I know Mark is mortified about it, but it’s a tough lesson for us all,” Dozer said, suggesting broadcasters should always assume their mike is live. “Our mission is to provide a quality, family atmosphere, and it’s unfortunate something like this happened. ”