(Can you spot a second Padre? It’s a camouflaged Joe Thatcher surrendering the ball to SD Mgr Bud Black in the 7th)

With the World Series bound Cubs now 1-3 after last night’s Astro’s game, I’m counting my blessings I missed that and instead caught the Padres home opener against the Dodgers while eating out at Mr. Cecil’s. It was celebrity night (at Cecil’s, not SD) with borscht belt legend Jack Carter dining on the opposite end of the room. As for the Padres, it was military night in SD, meaning the Pads wore what is probably the ugliest uniform since — well, since their mustard yellow and brown days. Their camouflage unis actually started a huffy rant at the bar as an angry local lady declared NO ONE should wear camouflage except those risking their lives for their country. Someone pointed out it was military night at Petco Park, and she said that was OK then. Maybe seeing the Pads warm Glendon Rusch up with the bases loaded struck her as an In Harm’s Way situation, as the Dodgers blew the 7th open and turned the game from a 1-1 tie until that point into a 7-1 final.