(above : what the well-dressed Gate D chanter will be wearing this autumn)
OK, I’ll admit the above headline leaves a bit to be desired. But it beats “Tom Brady No Longer The AFC East’s Most Jizzed-Over QB”. I’ll not argue the J-E-T-S’ stunning acquisition of Brett Favre doesn’t give Gang Green, in the words of the Post’s venerable Mr. Loser, “the kind of arm, the kind of presence, the kind of credibility and the kind of hope that Joe Namath gave them 40 long years ago,” but what of the unmatched megalomania?  How many radio sports-yackers who just a week ago characterized Manny Ramirez as the greatest affront to the team concept since Barry Bonds’ leather recliner will have similar scorn for Favre’s exit strategy?

The New York Sun’s Michael David Smith calls the Jets’ gambit, “the only trade that could possibly transform them into a better team than the New England Patriots,” and while that seems wildly optimistic, at least we’re spared the undignified sight of Tampa’s resident Lance Armstrong lookalike grumblng his way through a farewell press conference.