As mentioned previously in the space, if you think listening to Sirius/XM’s Dino Costa opine on sporting matters is an intellectual suicide mission, his forays into the realm of social matters are substantially less efferverscent (if such a thing was possible).  Perhaps fearful his role as Mad Dog Radio’s resident doofus on world affairs might be usurped by his evening colleague, Chris Russo (above) tackled the matter of Saints QB Drew Brees comparing the NFL’s Bounty Gate evidence to Iraq’s non-existent WMD’s.

On Tuesday, Russo was read Brees’ offending tweet, which inspired this response :

“I don’t care about Brees. I pay no attention to him.  So he doesn’t like (George W.) Bush. An athlete doesn’t like Bush. None of them like Bush. How’s Iraq doing right now, pretty good? We got rid of a despot, right?”

The Dog ended this line of analysis by calling Brees, “a phony” who was “just out for Tom Benson’s millions”. Indeed, what could be more distasteful than a former Super Bowl winner trying to maximize his earning power while he still can? Certainly not an afternoon sports radio host barely conversant with his own program’s topics.