Which of the following is a sadder commentary about the state of soccer coverage in the U.S.?

1) CSTB failing to mention AC Milan advancing to the Champions League final through a last minute away goal in last Wednesday’s 2nd leg of their semi-final with PSV?
2) CSTB failing to mention Dennis Wise quitting his post at Milwall on last Sunday?
3) this Friday’s much hyped opening of Will Ferrell’s “Kicking & Screaming”, possibly the “Citizen Kane” of soccer dad films, swiping the trophy from the late Rodney Dangerfield’s “Ladybugs”.
4) Tonight’s TV sports highlights will surely feature Dortmund University’s 2-0 win in Robo (Dog) Soccer over a team of sad sack, American-programmed robot mutts.

(whoever called it “the beautiful game” wasn’t watching this.)