OK, perhaps there are bigger things in the universe to be outraged about other than the Mets failing to place 5 guys on the NL All-Star team. But it is hard for this (admittedly biased) observer to look at the exclusion of John Maine (9-4, 2.47 ERA) compared to the invitation handed out to Rockies reliever Brian Fuentes and not blow a gasket.

Fuentes, for those who have better things to do than watch Clint Hurdle squirm, blew 4 saves in a row this week. He’s sporting an ERA of 4.17. And given the very deserving Matt Holliday was selected as a reserve, there’s not even the excuse of the Rockies needing at least one representative in San Francisco.

Likewise, I can’t figure out how the Snakes’ Orlando Hudson is more deserving of a reserve spot than Philly’s Jimmy Rollins.

Perhaps determining the reserve selections is too important a task to be left to managers of third-place ballclubs?

(UPDATE : It has been pointed out to me today by several persons that Tony La Genius was only responsible for selecting the NL pitching staff. The position playing reserves were selected by the players themselves. By way of an apology to the Cardinals manager, I am contributing $1 to People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals, and $2 to Mothers Against Drunk Driving).