Between the Bruins’ Game 6 collapse, the potential murder charges against Aaron Hernandez and Doc Rivers’ bailing on the Celtics, Boston sports fans deserve a light moment or two, and here’s one courtesy of the Boston Globe’s Gary Washburn.

In the midst of the anticipation of the Doc Rivers deal being declared official by the NBA, a tweet circulated this morning from the account of former Celtic Antoine Walker.

“Boston fans its time for me to be the celtics coach !!!!” he sent out three times through his Twitter account.

Walker confirmed to the Globe that he is indeed interested in coaching the Celtics. While Walker has no coaching experience, it wouldn’t be an unprecedented move: Former All-Star point guard Jason Kidd has just transitioned from being a player to being head coach of the Brooklyn Nets.

Walker, 36, is retired from professional basketball after playing in the NBA Developmental League last season and is seeking a job in the NBA. He has had well-chronicled financial problems but has reached settlements with his creditors.

Persons more likely to interviewed for the Celtics coaching vacancy than ‘Toine :  M.L. Carr, Marvin Barnes, Bob Gamere, Aaron Hernandez, Isiah Thomas, Larry Lifeless.