Alluding to “personal and professional conduct standards”, the Phoenix Suns jettisoned SF Michael Beasley earlier today, roughly a month after B-Easy’s most recent brush with authority.  Perhaps failing to recognize what a convenient scapegoat / provider of easy copy Beasley would’ve been for the 2013-14 season, the Arizona Republic’s Bob Young is overcome with joy, gushing, “even if it had cost them every penny of the $9 million in guaranteed money they still owed Beasley, it would have been worth it to get rid of him.”

The Suns had to clean up the mess made by former general manager Lance Blanks, with approval of team president Lon Babby and owner Robert Sarver, after Beasley was arrested in Scottsdale for possession and where he still has a sexual assault investigation hanging over him.

The Suns, after a disastrous couple of seasons, finally have begun to rebuild goodwill with their constituents. The last thing they needed on a roster full of young players and with a new head coach is a guy like Beasley.

Oh, he exudes talent. That’s the problem. Put him in a pickup game and he looks like the best guy on the floor. Ask him to remember a play or a defensive assignment or a scouting report and, well, sometimes a short-term memory comes in handy.

We’ll let you decide where his went.