(Amongst the rejected headlines : “Incredibly, Mark Cuban Is No Longer The NBA’s Most Annoying Owner”)

With the news that Michael Heisley is selling his 70% ownership stake in the Memphis Grizzlies to former Duke star Brian Davis comes a particularly terrifying cavaet ; Davis’ ownership group includes Christian Laettner.

Short of, I dunno, Pau Gasol suffering a serious injury in a tournament most Memphis fans weren’t even watching, this is the worst possible news for the franchise.

True Hoop’s Henry Abbott, however, takes the long view.

Memo to GM’s who dole out massive contracts to guys like Laettner: careful. If you give them enough money, one day you might be working for them. I mean, imagine if Laettner succeeds in buying the team, then shows up at training camp and sucks? Who’s going to cut him?

Henry makes a good point, but if Cherokee Parks can raise the loot to purchase the Knicks, he’s welcome to the 12th spot on the roster.

Gilbert Arenas is having his house converted to “Colorado Altitude”, hoping the climate change will be of benefit late in a game when everyone else is fatigued. The thin air  did wonders for Denny Neagle’s critical faculties, so I look forward to seeing how this remodeling project catapults Agent Zero to greater heights.