From the Associated Press :

The federal prosecutor overseeing an investigation of steroids in baseball said Monday a newspaper report that five players, including Roger Clemens, had used illegal performance-enhancing drugs contained “significant inaccuracies.”

San Francisco U.S. Attorney Kevin Ryan (above) issued a statement Monday, saying: “In view of the recent news reports purporting to identify certain athletes whose names had been redacted from the government’s search warrant filings in the Grimsley matter, and in the interests of justice, please be advised that these reports contain significant inaccuracies.”

A spokesman for the Los Angeles Times had no immediate comment. The newspaper reported that an unidentified source with access to the document allowed the newspaper to view it, and a second source provided additional details about the document.

I’m sure what to make of this latest wrinkle, other than, y’know, the same way more than one ballplayer can be under suspicion, Will Leitch might not be the only guy with a lousy source.

The LA Times’ Bill Plaschke, a man who only has the best of intentions, managed to get the Sultan of Surly’s take on all of this.

Do you think Clemens will have his heels nipped and his neck poked and his breath shortened like you have?

“I like Roger, I respect Roger, so I won’t comment on that,” said Bonds, smiling. “But I’m feeling your question.”