From the St. Petersburg Times :

Another woman has asked a judge to protect her from ex-Rays / current Nationals outfielder Elijah Dukes (above), saying he sent her threatening text messages.

Amanda E. Reese, 23, was granted a temporary injunction for protection against domestic violence on Dec. 10. She is scheduled to appear in court Tuesday morning to seek extended protection.

“At this point, I fear for me and my child’s life, due to his past history with his estranged wife,” Reese wrote in her petition to the court.

In court filings, Reese said she and Dukes had briefly dated. She said they met in August and split in October.

Reese says Dukes sent her a text message on Oct. 23 that stated she would “have to deal with the consequences” and “don’t let me see you when I come home” and “it’s a promise, now make your move.”

On Nov. 24, according to Reese, Dukes came to her home to discuss an incident that took place in his home before their split. After that visit, she said, he has been calling her home at inappropriate times.

“It’s on,” Dukes said during a 5 a.m. phone call, according to Reese.

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