Full credit to the LA Times’ TJ Simers for somehow finding a way to take a gratuitous shot at the Dodgers while harrassing umpire Doug Eddings.

On the flight between Chicago and John Wayne Airport on Thursday morning, they were showing the movie “Young Frankenstein,” and an American Airlines spokesperson, who also claimed to be an Angel fan, said it had nothing to do with the fact that umpire Doug Eddings was on the plane.

Eddings was sitting in first class, but for the record I never asked him whether it was compliments of the White Sox.We did, however, get around to everything else in a baggage-carousel meeting along with four or five other reporters after his game-changing performance in Game 2 of the American League championship series.

Was it Pierzynski’s acting job that influenced Eddings, and if so, then does that make Josh Paul a bad actor ” apparently not convincing enough in his quick exit, which should have told the umpire he had caught the ball?

“I did see it [bounce], but sometimes the things you see and the things you realize, you question yourself,” Eddings said, and I was actually writing this stuff down. “But like I said, sometimes you don’t do anything and that’s why I didn’t do anything, because I did see it. I felt and I still do, the ball bounced. I was just caught off guard with [Paul] running to the dugout.”

And if you understand that explanation, I think we’ve identified a new spokesman for the Dodgers.