Either the folks at Manhattan Mini-Storage have given the WNBA Liberty a (relative) sign of respect or they’re unconcerned the finally challenged New York Mets still generate enough affection to matter. The firm in question insists to the New York Times’ Ken Belson, it’s all in good fun.

From the Mets’ inception half a century ago, their fans have taken morbid pleasure in the club’s myriad flaws, from bumbling players to incomprehensible coaches to its largely charmless former home, Shea Stadium. But outsiders making fun of the team is different, particularly Yankees fans.

Stacy Stuart, vice president for marketing for Manhattan Mini Storage, said the company is “definitely counting on people who love the Mets also loving to poke a little fun at them.”

She said employees at the company root for a variety of teams, but “personally I know the pain of being a true Mets fan!”

Manhattan Mini Storage is known to write snarky advertisements that play off the news or controversies. It has over the years riffed on Republicans, President Bush and others, all with a New York-centric point of view.

“We definitely love to be topical and relevant to our Manhattan community,” Stuart said.