Thwarted in earlier attempts to lowball sign Derek Lowe, the New York Mets have retained the services of LHP Oliver Perez, writes the New York Daily News’ Adam Rubin. Apparently, Perez earned an additional $2 million per year simply by holding out, as the club had previously offered $30 million over 3 years.  However, there’s no player option for a fourth year, so perhaps this could be considered a relatively successful negotiation with Scott Boras, who probably assumed at one point he’d be able to secure Gil Meche money for his client.

While we’re on the subject of overpaying for mediocrity, I’d be remiss in not mentioning the Used Car Salesman earned $18 million in 2008. Though I can’t deny Bud Selig has presided over unprecedented commercial success, it’s still hard to fathom what he’s spending the money on.  Certainly not clothes.

In addition to the Mets inking Bobby Kielty to a minor league pact, former Yankee/Braves hurler Matt DeSalvo, he of the 31.50 ERA in 2008, was signed last week. “I’ve had dinner bills at fancy restaurants lower than 31.50,” grumbles Metsradamus, who must be thrilled to learn of 21 scrapping their dress code.